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Bark of the Town offers Oklahoma City area dog owners first class dog daycare, comfortable lodging and professional grooming services.

Everyday our doggy daycare specialists make sure to give your pup the tender care, love and exercise they need while you're off bringing home the bacon. Whether your pooch is here for an entire day while you're at work, or just a few hours while you run your errands, we'll make sure your doggy socializes to their heart's content - rain or shine!


Going on vacation or just having a fun night on the town?  Leave your pet with us.  After playing all day we guarantee a great night's sleep!  Our primary focus is to give you peace of mind and your dog a fun, safe place to play and make new friends! Bark of the Town is the closest thing to home, so you can be off and playing too!


Does your dog look like they have been playing hard?  Bring them in for a spa day! We proudly offer full service, professional dog grooming to keep your dog looking and feeling great. Our members can come play all day and go home with a salon finish.



(405) 842-1515



1020 NW 67th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73116



M-F 7 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Sat-Sun 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. (Boarding drop off & pick up only)





We strive to make your dog’s life happier and stress-free. A day at our resort allows your dog to run free, play all day long and receive attention while you are busy at work. Whether it is just for part of a day or all day long, we will make sure your pooch exercises and socializes all that he cares to, no matter what the weather.

We suggest first-time daycare attendees play for a half day (less than 5 hours) to get acquainted with our pack and facility. After a successful temperament review is done and the new member is comfortable and part of the pack, we suggest a pre-paid daycare package for future attendance. Pre-paid packages apply only to daycare and save a returning member quite a bit of money as they offer reduced prices as well as the convenience of pick-up and drop-off without the hassle of having to pay every visit. Bark of the Town keeps track of every dog's attendance, their behavior and play status in the pack. 


  • Temperament Test

    • Drop off for temperament tests are M-F from 7am to 8am. Must be scheduled in advance.

    • BOTT does not have a breed exclusion. We are happy to schedule a temperament test for all breeds!!

  • Bordetella vaccination (Kennel Cough), Rabies vaccination, DHLPP vaccination (or equivalent)

  • Flea/tick preventative

  • Spayed or neutered by 8 months of age

  • Puppies must be 4 months of age and have at least two rounds of vaccinations

*Packages are non-refundable.

**If dog has not attended daycare in 6 months or more, an additional temperament appointment will need to be scheduled in order for your dog to regularly attend daycare again.


At Bark of the Town, our overnight “four-paw” experience includes a full day of daycare, dinner, and then to bed in their own private suite with a raised bed and plenty of water. During the day, overnight boarders play all day with the daycare pack. Soothing night music and night-lights set the mood for sleepy slumber after a full day of run and fun!

In the morning your dog has breakfast and some individual playtime before the other daycare members arrive. We know that there is no place like home, so we take special care to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible. For dogs staying an extended period of time, dogs that are new to boarding, or any dogs that just need that extra touch, we have lots of ways to make them feel comfortable during their stay. Boarding rates include breakfast, dinner, snacks and Rx dispensing.

When you need to be away overnight, for the weekend, for a week, or even longer, your “kids” will be in familiar surroundings. One-on-one attention is all part of keeping your dog happy and comfortable during their stay. When you come to pick up your boarded dog, don't be surprised when they won't want to leave, you'll know then what kind of boarding experience they've had! Don't take it personally, it happens often here!

*We highly recommend you bring food from home in order to ensure your friend doesn't have any digestive stress. Boarding dogs that are not provided with their own food from home will be charged $3.00 per day per dog for food. 

**In order to keep stress levels low and because we have a free-play pack environment, we do not accept outside dogs for boarding unless they regularly attend daycare and we have successfully evaluated them first.

***Dog must be a current daycare client in order to board. New daycare clients are also required to pass the temperament test and complete 3 days of daycare prior to being approved for boarding privileges.


Bark of the Town proudly offers full service, professional dog grooming to keep your dog looking and feeling great. Our members can come play all day and go home with a salon finish.


  • Nail Trimming

  • External Anal Gland Expression

  • Brushout

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Teeth Brushing

  • Bath*

  • Haircut**

*Baths include nail trim, anal gland expression, brush, and ear cleaning.

**Haircuts incorporate a bath and its included services.


Pricing varies depending on breed, size, and condition of pet. Grooming is offered Monday and Wednesday thru Friday by appointment. To schedule grooming appointments, please call our office at (405) 842-1515.

*** As of January 1, 2019, our groomer will no longer be performing face/feet/fanny (FFF) cuts. As of the date provided, this service will be considered a touch-up and be included in the bath price. If you are wanting any fur length taken off of the body of your dog, this service is considered a hair cut. Bath (with or without the touch-up) and hair cut prices vary depending on breed, size, and condition of pet.


Let us answer your questions!

Daycare for your pet should be chosen as carefully as any other service for a member of your family. Daycare has often been compared to your child's first day of school! We get frequent phone calls on first visits! Each daycare facility in Oklahoma City is different and provides different services, staff and facility amenities for you to consider. Staff should be mature enough to be “in-tune” to dog behavior, the facility should be climate-controlled, and all areas clean and appropriate for large groups of dogs running together. At Bark of the Town, we are so confident, that we invite you to compare all of Oklahoma City's doggy daycares and check out each facility to compare staff, services, safety, comfort, cleanliness and experience before making a choice.


Are the dogs supervised and do staff members intervene when play gets too rough?

Yes. Bark of the Town staff are trained to watch for every sign of a dog's well-being and safety while in a daycare pack. We have two to three staff members devoted to outside play and constantly supervise all daycare members at all times. We have canine-friendly methods of stopping rough play. Some deterrents we use for excited or aggressive play is coins-in-a-can which startles them temporarily, or we use a simple squirt bottle filled with water. No dog is ever struck or verbally yelled at. We treat your dog like our own family. A lot of positive reinforcement goes a long way.

do all daycare And boarding dogs have access to cool air-conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter?

Yes. Bark of the Town has a large insulated indoor climate-controlled warehouse space for daycare and boarded dogs. We keep the inside temperatures a comfortable 73-76 degrees winter and summer. All inside areas the dogs stay or play in are climate-controlled. During inclement or hot weather, we have a large indoor play area and keep a small door open to the outdoor play-yard allowing dogs to come and go as they please. Weather permitting, we open a large garage-door in our warehouse to our back-yard play area. All boarded dogs sleep in air-conditioned and heated areas inside our warehouse in their own enclosed suites with night-lights and music.

Is my dog ever confined during daycare at Bark of the town?

Some daycares will confine your dog for “nap-time”, “lunch” or “camping” for hours on end. Bark of the Town has all-day-free-play resulting in happy and pooped pups! You be the judge when you pick up your happy pup. Most pass out on the way home. It's a good question to ask when comparing daycares and their schedules. At Bark of the Town, like children, we use time-out as a last resort when members present rough-play or aggressive behavior. First offenders will be given a verbal reprimand and second offenders are given a time-out session of 10 minutes only removed from the pack.

Do the dogs fight? What is your procedure for introducing new dogs?








Bark of the Town's introduction is slow, calm, and fun. We only use trained senior staff to evaluate dogs going into our pack. We follow a proven interview process for every dog before being allowed into general play population for each dog’s optimum safety, comfort, and happiness. We first allow them to acclimate to their surroundings inside our spacious warehouse with a few senior daycare dogs. We let them become familiar with all the new smells and with being smelled themselves. After all, that's how dogs meet! When this is done slowly and with great care, every member is confident and comfortable with everyone else. That creates a well-balanced pack. Sometimes a couple of days may be needed for complete introduction to be successful, but if it's not fun for your dog, then what's the point! Not every dog will be successful in daycare, but if your dog is apprehensive, or has severe anxiety issues that we cannot overcome, we will be up-front and honest with you and work to try and identify a solution.

What type of training do staff members get?




At Bark of the Town, employees must love animals, be mature, and have the ability to think quickly on their feet. New employees are coached and trained by staff for many weeks until they are proficient in every detail. We perform background, reference checks and look for family values on each potential staff candidate. We also encourage and support the continuance of higher education. We are fortunate to have a wonderful, long-term staff and we think each and everyone of our staff is a member of our family!

My dog seems very tired, hungry or thirsty when they come home. Is this normal?




This is completely normal. You can expect your dog to be tired for the first several times they come to daycare, and no, they are not sick! They just played hard in fresh air all day. They need to build their doggy stamina! Although the dogs have ample time to nap, there is a lot of activity and stimulation to process in a daycare atmosphere. This can poop a dog out! And of course, they will be playing for the majority of the day. It is not uncommon for them to drink a lot of water during and after daycare. All Bark of the Town attendees have access to separate drinking stations for all dogs, which are kept fresh!

Will the staff feed dogs treats as rewards? Give medications?


Meals should be given by owners before/after Daycare. Boarded dogs are given morning/evening meals with owner provided kibble and snacks. Any medications should be clearly marked with dispensing directions. We keep a log for medicine dispersal as this is very important for every dog's health. Bark of the Town never charges a fee for this service.


1020 NW 67th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

(405) 842-1515



Mon-Fri: 7 a.m - 6:30 p.m

Sat-Sun: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.



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